Monday, 16 December 2013

Buchla ASR - Verbos 263v

I love my euro  & Serge ASRs (Analog Shift Registers) so why not one for Buchla.

This arrived today.  The Quantizer is just icing on the cake.
Looks like the outputs from the ASR can be plugged into the quantizer inputs with 
standard Buchla shorting bars.
Thanks Mark. :-)

Rotary knobs to set scales. Very nice.
So what's a ASR ? Well it's like a Sample & Hold plus one (or 4 in this case).
The ASR samples a CV for every pulse received.
On the first pulse, the sampled CV appears at output 1.
On the 2nd pulse that CV is moved (shifted) to output 2 & a new CV is sampled for output 1.
On the 3rd pluse, the CV at output 2 is shifted to output 3, the CV at output 1 goes to output 2,
and there is now a new CV at output 1.
And so it goes on.
Ken Stone has a ASR PCB which I have been building:
It runs on +-15V. Should be a perfect addition to the Buchla.


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