Thursday, 8 May 2014

ARP's 2600 & Arturia's MicroBrute - party !!!

I love Arturia's Microbrute for so many reasons.
...... a great filter, the feedback brute function, the ability to access all 3 wave forms simultaneously,
a snappy EG, it's small footprint, the availability of CV/gate/midi at the same time.... etc etc etc.
But for me it's greatest strength is the patch matrix.

It's been sitting on my desk for over a week asking to be played I decided to bring out the ARP.
I've really just started to explore the possibilities with this "little synth"..
For $399 it's a steal. 

I would love Arturia to expand on this idea and add a patch matrix to future synths.

A bit about the above patch:
The whole sequence is clocked from the Doepfer Dark Time.
It's sending Midi clock to the MicroBrute.

The Dark Time also provides a analog clock which sync's the Korg Voca Beat.

A gate from the MicroBrute clocks the ARP 1613 sequencer. So everything runs in time.:-)

The 1613 sequencer is sending two CV sequences on A & B channels to the ARP filter.

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