Saturday, 10 May 2014

Arturia's Beatstep & MicroBrute

 Arturia has two killer products on its hands: The Beatstep & MicroBrute

It's very easy to set up a sequence.
All audio is from just the MicroBrute (with a little help from the Roland Tape Echo)

The Beatstep is providing master clock & CV/Gate to the Microbrute.

You gotta love the patch (mod) matrix.

Plug CV out from the Beatstep to Pitch in on the Mod Matrix.

The Doepfer Darktime is synced via midiclock.

CV from steps 1-8 modulate the filter frequency.
Cv from steps 9-16 modulate the metalizer

1 comment:

  1. Great info, Thanks!
    I have this two instruments as well, Microbrute and Beatstep, i also have an old (and perfectly working 1979´s Korg KR55 drum machine) and want to synch it with the Microbrute or the Beatstep to have a drum beat...Is that possible? i´ve seen a mod the creates a midi port into the KR55 but is too expensive (168 euro)...
    Do you think theres another way to do that?