Saturday, 24 May 2014

Buchla 296e - Dual morphing filters

Demoing the filter programming & morphing capability of the 296e.
The 296e Spectral Processor is a very complex 16 channel bandpass filter. It has 16 VCAs and 16 envelope followers (but more about this in another post). Just focusing on the filter morph/program today.

By pressing the  DISP switch on the top right we can jump between the two level inputs A & B.
Programming each spectral shape is done via the touch potentiometers.

By using the morph control you can pan between the two spectral shapes. The actual net filter response can be viewed by selecting “progrm”.

A control voltage can rapidly alter the degree of morphing. I'm using a LFO from the modulating VCO of a 259r.

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