Saturday, 1 November 2014

ARP 2500 - Patch 3

This is a variation on patch 2. with a bit more emphasis on the sequencer.
Many thanks to Benge for his awesome ARP 2500 videos. In particular this one on the ARP Mix Sequencer module (the 1050).

Here is a pic of the 1050 module.
Today this module should be pretty easy to build. This was however designed before CMOS logic & LEDs I think it's amazing considering when it was made. A credit to Pearlman. He was really pushing technology back in the 60's.

It's basically a 8 channel mixer. The channels can be divided into 2x4, 1x8, 1x7,1x6,etc
The cool thing is that they are gated to the sequencer so can be triggered on cue to the rhythm.
There are some eurorack modules (sort of like this) out there, but at the moment nothing as expressive (in my opinion). So there is a challenge to you budding analog engineers out there.

I'd like to thank Mini & all the staff from ToneTweakers in NYC
who lovingly restored this grand lady. Great job guys

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