Saturday, 31 January 2015

Conn Min-o-matic Rhythm Drum Machine

I picked this up very cheaply. Might be fun to mod.
If anyone has the schematics for this drum and is willing to share I'd be eternally grateful.

 I think this dates from 1966 - all analogue goodness with discrete components.

pretty simple to use with only 9 push buttons and 2 knobs global volume and tempo frequency - See more at:
 A drum machine can't get much simpler than this. Nine pattern buttons & two knobs for volume & tempo.

 There are 5 sounds: kick, snare, conga, Hihat, claves, metronome click.

Sadly there are no seperate outs
If you do decide to mod this please be very careful. Once the cover is removed you run the risk of electric shock. This will KILL YOU.
Rear mounted tone control, 1/4" phono output jack & Hi / Lo output level selector.

This is not the simpliest drum to mod. The Rolands & Korgs tend to seperate their PCBs into PSU, rhythm & voice sections. Not so here. Everything is on one PCB.

The PSU is here. Be very careful !!!

There are 6 pattern presets: Waltz, Ballad, Foxtrot, March,Teenbeat, Latin, metronome.

Here is some info about C.G.ConnInstruments
There are 6 pattern presets, no possible variations except the Double Beat function:
- Waltz
- Ballad
- Foxtrot
- March
- Teenbeat
- Latin
- metronome - See more at:

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