Monday, 19 January 2015

TKB - Touch Keyboard Sequencer - Build Part 1

TKB Build - Part 1 - Pics of the kit 
The Human Comparator Clone.

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I've been looking forward to building this so much.
I remember back in the day, the TKB was the Holy Grail of Serge.
I understand these first came out in 1977.
The TKB is a combined touch sensitive keyboard and 16 step analogue sequencer.
What's not to like.

Zthee's website where you can purchase this kit is here: 
And the official build notes of the Human Comparator 
and Muffs has a thread here:

Also, of interest are the original Serge build documents.
More useful links:
And some pics of the inside of a vintage TKB:

 Thanks to Zthee (THC) for making this kit available.... all the way from Sweden.
.... a land famous for synths.

I love the Japanese theme.

The Unpopulated Faceplate.

Of course you can use it as a normal 4-bank sequencer, but it can do so much more... You can program your own scales for example. There is also a  four-stage vertical sequencer which can step through each of the four layers.... this allows for sequences up to 64 steps.

The MM74C150N - A 16 line to 1 line multiplexer.

This is the main component PCB.(front side)

5 simultaneous outputs

We have 16 capacitive touch-sensitive keys

Let the building begin.

Part 2. Some pics and info of a vintage TKB.
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