Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Seven Minutes - Buchla, Euro & a CR-8000

This track heavily features the Roland CR-8000 with some glitch.
Also very present is the Buchla 208r and Eurorack Braids. 
It's a mostly live performance which has then been tweaked and enhanced in Ableton.

Also used is the Abelton formant filter on some random recorded TV conversation.
---- it is almost unrecognisable as human voices.

The majority of the drums is the modded CR8000 with some extra Ableton glitch added here
and there for good measure. Individual outs have Boss Echo
and Reverb pedals applied. The CR-8000 is manipulated in real time.

 Extra percussion is  provided by the Tiptop 808 modules processed through the Buchla 267e band pass filter utilising random voltages - they no longer sound like an 808!.

Trigger Riot is slaved to the CR8000 (on 16 pulse out mode) and controls the 808 modules and timing of the 208, 262v and also pulse's Braids.

The main Sequencer is the 208r on 5 step mode but tapped separately on the 208 and the 262v harmonic Oscillator, which is processed by the 288v Time Domain processor - that is that deep echoing sound.

The choices joystick is modulating the 208 and Braids.
Braids itself is used in a number of modes which are switched live on the fly.
Including the pulsing 'chord' sound and the Vowel setting.

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