Monday, 22 June 2015

Korg DDD-1 Drum Machine

The Korg DDD-1 hails back from 1986-87.
The good old days when sampling was a dirty 12-bits of zeros & ones.

This a a bargain for $100. Sure it's all beaten up but this makes it a perfect candidate for hacking into
it with my soldering iron. There are plenty on mods on the net.
CircuitBenders will modify yours.

Even without the mods there are 4 expansion slots for external ROM cards
and a RAM card too.

AngelFire produce custom pcb cards for the expansion slots.

The drum sounds include: kicks, snares, toms, rimshot, closed hi hats, open hi hats, ride, crash, claps, cowbell, tambourine and cabasa. The trigger pads are velocity sensitive and the tuning & decay of the sounds can be edited.

There are 6 individual outs plus sampled out.
Midi In/out
For more info on the history of Korg Drum Machines Click Here

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