Tuesday, 2 June 2015

TKB Build - 5 - Pot (Potentiometer) Boards

Finally, after a long delay (due to poor health) I'm finally getting my act together.
The TKB is a dream project. It's a magical instrument & learning how they are put together
is a wonderful opportunity.

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This next stage involves the pot boards. There are 4 of them labeled A,B,C,D.
 Each has 16 steps.

First lets look at a vintage TKB.

Notice that the resistor connects to the middle lug of the pot.

 A closer view of some of these sixty four 1M resistors.

 I can imagine that soldering all these wires back in the 70's was a tedious task.
Thankfully, Zthee has simplified the process with his 4 pot-boards.

A closeup of the virgin Potentiometer Boards.

Before soldering the pots, instal the 8 right angled IDC connectors & the 64 1M resistors.

Next install the pots. There are 5 holes and each pot has 3 lugs.
I made a mistake in the beginning and installed some in the 3 holes on the right.
 This is WRONG!!!
The middle pin should go in the middle hole, with 2 holes on each side.

This is the right way.

Part 6. The Touch Keyboard (Installing the LEDs)
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