Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Korg KPR 77 Drum

The KPR stands for Korg Programmable Rhythm.
She came out in 1983 and was Korg's response to the Roland 606.

It's very underrated.  Each drum sound's level can be individual mixed via the sliders.
The sliders are just like the ones found on the Roland 707.
It's sounds consist of bass, snare, two toms, open and closed hi-hats, accent and (switchable) cymbal/clap.
The bassdrum is a bit weak in my opinion. The Toms aren't too bad.

Sadly no midi or DinSync- It's a Korg sync Korg uses a 48 ppqn (parts per quarter note) DIN standard whereas Roland's is 24 ppqn. For correct tempo match it is possible to use a clock synchronizer like the KMS-30.
- 2 trig outputs (pulses +5V)
- start-stop pedalswitch input
- sync IN / OUT
- tape interface - See more at: http://www.polynominal.com/korg-kpr77/#sthash.YA3fG1Gx.dpuf

Runs on 9V DC (original model KAAC 001) or 4 X 1.5V batteries

- tape interface  

Patterns can be saved to magnetic tape if you have to turn off the machine without batteries.

There is a large display: - used for programming like in the Roland 505 & 626.
There are 2 recording modes: realtime record or step.

There is a accent for each instrument.
We have flam repeats for tom1 & 2. There are also 4 different resolutions:
16th, 16th triplet, 32nd and 32nd triplet

The MEMORY has 48 basic rhythm patterns
- 32 steps for each pattern

There are 6 chain banks divided into Chains 1 & 2 & groups A, B, & C.

The Toms are also great triggers for analog gear. The 2 trig outputs are pulses of +5V ... so quite good for triggering EuroRack modules like envelope generators

1 separate out for snare/claps channelThere is 1 separate out for snare/claps channel.
We also have a start-stop pedalswitch input.
There is 1 separate out for snare/claps channel
 start-stop pedal switch input
For more info on the history of Korg Drum Machines Click Here

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