Sunday, 2 August 2015

Arturia Beatstep Pro sequencing a SH101 & D-1000

What a handy sequencer this puppy is.
The Beatstep Pro claims to be able to sequence almost everything. ... & I think Arturia might be onto something.
The Metasonix D-1000 drum isn't the easiest machine to sequence but the Beatstep Pro
handled it quite well. The D1000 is very very dirty sounding. and there are only 4 sounds:
Drum 1, 2, Snare & Cym. ..... they sound nothing like what the names suggest.

Sequencer 2 is controlling the Roland SH-101 .... one classic synth from the '80s.

The SH101 is receiving CV & Gate from the Beatstep.


  1. Hi, I also have a Sh101 and I have been thinking on get a Beatstep pro. In your opinion worth?

  2. it really makes your life easier on controlling devices?