Sunday, 23 August 2015

Steiner-Parker Microcon - Euro module - Build notes

These are my build notes for the Steiner MicroCon (Eurorack format).
The original Microcon was a full voice module.
It's very rare & was first produced between 1977 & 79 as a complete synthesizer in a single module with its own power supply less keyboard. It has its own LFO, Filter, EG & VCO.
The original module measured 4 x 6 inches.

I purchased this modern eurorack kit from SynthCube.
The circuit/PCB was recast by David Ingebretsen in 2012, with permission from Nyle Steiner.

The euro format panel is designed by Clarke Robinson and produced by synthCube.

Muffs has a very useful thread here:

David's L's Microcon post is here: ocon

It might me fun to install the PCB in a box of the same dimensions as a homage to the original
module, though for the moment, I'll keep this in Eurorack format.

Install the resistors first.
There are 10 Diodes - Switching vR/100V Io/150mA (standard 1N4148)
And two 1n4001 Rectifiers (Vr/50V Io/1A T/R)

Headers & caps next.

The two trimmers and that tempco .... needs to be in contact with the IC.(SSM2210).
It's a dual matched transistor.

The Microcon uses two vactrols : VTL5C3/2. These are the same type used in my Buchla.

The original BOM uses a 74c14n Inverter - It's a Schmitt trigger.
This part is obsolete and has been replaced with a CD40106.

It's time to wire everything up.

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