Sunday, 13 December 2015

Buchla easel vs Korg Littlebits (and some patch card magic)

I'm surprised at how good the Korg LittleBits sound through a Buchla 208.

This setup involves a BEMI easel with the Cobramatic breakout box (BOB) and two of my easel patch cards (the main & satellite).

The satellite one lying on the table with the little bits on top is powered from the vintage easel.
The trigger point for the sequencer can be either of the bottom two connections (below the K or P).
It corresponds to Tab 12 on the rear card edge connector.

Everything is clocked from the Littlebits sequencer even the two easels. We were really surprised how easy this was to do.

Thanks to Adam S for the idea & inspiration to use the LittleBits

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