Wednesday, 16 March 2016

ARP 2500 - My Resonator Addiction

Some videos using the beautiful 1047 filter/resonator.

The ARP has a combination of LP, BP, HP & notch.
All filter outs are available simultaneously. It very beautiful for obtaining timbres.
esp when Q is turned up. It's so resonate that a pulse applied to the input with make the filter ring.

The Korg Resonator works differently to the ARP as far as I understand.
The PS 3100 uses 3 bandpass filters.

The original video with the unaltered ARP sample is here:


 Most synths use a LP filter with a sharp cutoff (24dB) with moderate resonance (Q=10, or 20dB peak).
The ARP specs for this filter claim a resonance from zero to 54dB (or Q between 1/2 and 512).
The filter's bandpass response is a single pole, 6dB.
This is similar to natural acoustic resonators like drums, horns, pipes & strings.

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