Monday, 13 June 2016

CellF - live performance, Sydney 10th & 12th June

I had the pleasure of seeing CellF again. The performance was held at the National Art School, Sydney.

There are many people involved with this project, but the main individuals are :
Guy Ben-Ary who donated the original skin cells,
Nathan Thompson who designed the housing/incubator and
Andrew Fitch of NonLinearCircuits (NLC) who designed the synthesizer itself.

For more info, click here:

Guy's skin cells were converted into neurons using stem cell technology.
These were then grown on an array of 60 electrodes which connect the cells to the NLC synthesizer.
The incubator/cells are housed in the glass cube:

These cells can both receive and send information with the outside world via these electrodes.

I think Andrew's synth is just as important.
Some pics:
It's the translator between the cells & the outside world.

So what does this all sound like? I've seen & heard CellF on a number of occasions and the sounds are always changing & developing.
Friday's performance used a fresh batch of cells which sounded very excitable & energetic.
It was at times hard to distinguish the synthesizer keyboard (Yamaha)  from the cells.

Sunday's performance used a drummer, a double bass & a violinist.
I quite enjoyed this. The space between sounds allowed the cells to be better heard.

Maybe they were also tired after the last 3 days.

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