Sunday, 5 June 2016

Wine Links

Some wine links:

This will be index page devoted to all things wine.

Wine, esp red wine is one of my joys (along with electronics & travel).
 References to some of the nicer drops drunk recently are all over this blog, and I sometimes forget where these pages are. So this is kind of a wine diary.

+++Mutable Instruments Grids ...& Wine
      1990 vintage port from Steins in Mudgee NSW.
      Tollana Cabernet Sav from 1995. (Eden Valley, South Australia)

+++Buchla - Wall of Sound & Wine 
     1995.“Barwang” - Hilltops region of New South Wales.

+++Buchla Tempest Glitch & Wine

+++Korg Volca Beats Mod  & Taylors Shiraz, 2001. Clare Valley, SA.

+++ Buchla Easel Variation & Lindemands St. George, Cab Sav. 1994.


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