Friday, 27 January 2017

Fairlight CMI IIx - Floppy Disk Controller Card

Some pics of the Floppy Disk controller card.

I'm doing some work on the Fairlight so thought I'l post some pics
of some of the hardware.

This FD controller card is the QFC9

The CMI uses two double sided eight inch disk drives.
Mitsubishi M2896-63 .
Soft sectored, 128/256 bytes per sector.
Data is stored on the magnetic coating of the floppy in concentric rings
On a standard 8 inch floppy there are 77 rings.
Tracks are divided into data blocks called sectors.
The disks look like this:

The drives themselves are controlled by a Western Digital WD 1791 LSI controller located on the QFC9 card.

This switch I understand selects which drive is the primary boot drive which will hold the Operating System disk.

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