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Electro harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress - Version 2 - EH5150

I'm on the hunt for pedals and effects that use the reticon SAD 1024 bucket brigade chip.
My previous post was for the EHX slap-back pedal which also used this chip
Many of the early EHX pedals appear to have used the SAD 1024.
One such is the Deluxe Electric Mistress.

Versions 1 (1978), v2 (1979) & v3 (1981) used the reticon SAD 1024 delay
Version 4 & version 5 used the  reticon RD5106A bucket brigade device. It had its own clock driver.
Its interesting that the reticon SAD1024 is a dual 512 stage delay &
the RD 5106A is a 256 sample device.

Notice the "icehocky puck" style knobs.

The Deluxe Electric Mistress is a iconic flanger. It has been reissued in the more compact "XO" chassis. In addition to the analog filters, the Deluxe Electric Mistress features a Filter Matrix for adjusting the sweep of the flange.

The Electric Mistress was designed by David Cockerell. David had worked for EMS, where he designed the the Synthi Hi-Fli. He also designed the Small Stone phaser and Micro Synth.
These were based on the Hi-Fli.
The Deluxe Electric Mistress was designed by Electro Harmonix engineer Howard Davis (who also designed the Deluxe Memory Man).

These pics are of a Deluxe Electric Mistress of I think 1979.
The PCB is labeled EH5150 B or C???
I'm inclined to think this is a V2 EH5150C.
The V3 has a green case.
 Not exactly clear.

The power supply is 120V. There is an internal transformer held in place with two screws.
The case measurements are: 170mm x 200mm x 38mm.

ICs used:
1x LM78L. This is a linear voltage regulator.
1x 4558. Its a dual general purpose Op Amp
1x SAD1024A: BBD chip
1x LM324: Quad Op Amp
1x LM311N : Voltage comparator
1x 4013BE : CMOS Dual flip flop

Transistor: 1x 2N5087

Anyway, the Electric Mistress was used by David Gilmore of Pink Floyd.
He got his Electric Mistress V2 in 1976 or January 1977. It was used on the Animals Tour and I think the Pulse Tour in 1994. ?? You can hear it on many recordings like "The Wall"

Andy Summers of "The Police" is another notable user. Listen to "Do Do Do Da Da Da" or "Driven To Tears"

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