Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Ibanez FL-303 pedal

Vintage Ibanez FL-303 Flanger.
Picked this up the other day on Reverb.

 Great sounding pedal. Runs on two 9V batteries.

speed (or rate), width (range or depth)
Regen : The regen (intensity or enhance) knob feeds some of the delay output back into the input.
It intensifies the flanging effect

 The delay Chip is a Reticon SAD 1024. My favourite BBD IC.

The MCI4013. ... CMOS Dual D-type Flip flop. ?

SN72L022P .... I think it's a dual general purpose low power op amp, using the standard pinout for a dual op amp (same as a TL082, LM358, etc.)

For more on SAD 1024 BBD - Bucket Bridge devices

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