Tuesday, 21 January 2020

It's 555 - Nonlinear Circuits 555 resonator - Build notes

These are my build notes for the 555 resonator eurorack module.

I've got a couple of versions of this. .. in banana format and the early metal plate euro format.

This early one was mostly through hole.
The new module is SMD. I understand this is version 5.

Module description:
"it's 555..." resonator/drone/noise source with CV control of pulse width for all five stages (plus a CV all input)

This module takes an input signal and splits it into clusters of 5 independent pulses. Each pulse can have its width modulated by pot or CV and can be set to any amplitude or even inverted. The pulses are summed together at the output to give a rich strong signal, choc-full of harmonics. It is a very powerful sound that cuts through any mix.

Andrew adds in his build notes:
"this design is based on the Electronotes EN#93 Cascaded Monostable Generalized Resonator.
The main changes from the EN version are that it has been expanded to 5 stages and uses \
larger valued capacitors to allow the pulses to get wide enough to merge with each other and promote mayhem".

So whats a resonator?
According to wikipedia:
"A resonator is a device or system that exhibits resonance or resonant behavior. That is, it naturally oscillates with greater amplitude at some frequencies, called resonant frequencies, than at other frequencies."

You will need five 555 ICs

These are pretty easy to get on. Watch the orientation.

Next are  the BCM857
These are bipolar PNP matched transistors

Tricky to get on the pcb , and watch the orientation.
There is a dot on the top left

The BC847s are NPN matched transistors

+ Wiki
+ BOM & Build notes
+ My build notes for the early Metal faceplate version

To be continued.......

Vietnam's first capital - Hoa Lu

The first Ancient Capital of Vietnam is. Hoa Lu, It was established in the 10th Century,
by Emperor Le because it is backed by sharply rising Karst mountains. These made it easy to defend.
It is about 90 km south of Hanoi.

. The main attractions are two temples, the Dinh Temple and the Le Temple.
Each temple was build in one of two dynasties:  The Dinh & the Le Dynasty.

 This bridge marks the main entrance to the complex.

The area is one of rice fields & limestone mountains.

The Dinh Temple.
This was built to honor Dinh Bo Linh, the first emperor of Vietnam.
Bộ Lĩnh  in 968 founded the first imperial dynasty of Vietnam AFTER subjugating 12 warloards. 
He set up the first state government, minted coins, developed trade. 
He passed away in 979AD

 The location is in the style of "feng shui", with a river to the front and a mountain at the back.


The Temple of Emperor Le

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Synstrom Deluge world tour 2020

Looking forward to this:

The world tour is to celebrate the release of a record  featuring 26 songs from deluge users from all over the world.
What is, you might ask, a Deluge ?

It's one of these:

 It's a sampler, synth, workstation.
I love it.

Tour details at: https://synthstrom.com/?p=17085
EVENTS: https://www.facebook.com/pg/synthstromaudible/events/
Artwork by Matt Limmer

 I will probably perform a set.
The idea is the organisers supply a Deluge, and you the performer just bring a SD card with your tunes.

The Sydney event is:

77 Brighton St, Petersham NSW
March 13, 2020
Party 8pm
Facebook Event

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Ha Long Bay - Vietnam 2019 - 20

This was  a great place to wish in a Happy New Year.

Thumbs up for the Vietnamese red wine. 

I must go to Dilat one day.

Limestone caves