Friday, 25 April 2014

NonLinearCircuits 8-Bit cipher

The NonLinearCircuits Cipher is a set of clocked shifted registers.
Very much like a ASR (Analog Shift Register).

The first CV out provides pitch CV for the 262v.
CV outs 2,3,4 modulate harmonic scan & tilt

The operation of a cipher usually depends on a piece of auxiliary information, called a key. It's used a lot in encryption. There are 2 data inputs and 4 CV & 8 pulse outputs. The data is encrypted to a new form.

Couldn't resist the opportunity ... here's a pic of an World War II Enigma machine.

This aux info is encoded to produce a new rhythm.

The 8-bit requires a clock and 1-2 Aux signals. This can be anything crossing 1V. I'm using CV from Adam's excellent mini 112 retro touch sequencer.

The unedited video is here:

Below is an earlier video using a Serge Creature & Elektron Analog 4 :

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Peru - Cusco

 My Hotel, Arequipa

Santa Catalina Monastery 


Just out of Arequipa... known as Ciudad Blanca.(The White City). It was built in 1579 and was enlarged in the 17th century.

Inca terraces.
These agricultural terraces were build by the Incas. They allowed farming on otherwise unusable land. The terraces also allowed the Incas to take advantage of different ecological zones created by variations in altitude.
Cusco was the site of the historic capital of the Inca Empire.
12th - 13th century walls ?? in Cusco city.
Incredible precision

Francisco Pizarro officially arrived in Cusco on 23 March 1534.The many buildings constructed after the Spanish invasion have a mixture of Spanish influence with Inca indigenous architecture,

The Spanish conquistadors (as is often the case with victorous invaders) built their "temple" over the ruins
of the conquered. The Cathedral of Saint Domingo is built on top of a Incan temple known as Kiswarkancha. Construction began in 1559. It has the shape of the Latin Cross and was built with the intention of replacing the Incan religion with Spanish Catholic Christianity.


Ahhh... nothing like a pint of Guinness. 11,156 ft .... that's  3,400.3488 metres

A good many nights were spent in Paddy's Bar trying to adjust to my altitude sickness. :-)

Anyone for roasted guinea pig?
These animals are not in the pig family, nor are they from Guinea.
A Peruvian delicacy.

View of Cusco from my Hotel.

The stronghold of the Inca Resistance against the conquistadors. Altitude 2.792 metres. The terraces were built by the Emperor Pachacuti. 
Manco Inca, leader of the native resistance fortified the town and its approaches in the direction of the former Inca capital of Cusco, which had fallen under Spanish domination. In 1536 he defeated a Spanish army by blocking their advance from the terraces and flooding the plain below.

For more travel links click here:

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Buchla format 262v - Verbos Harmonic Generator / Oscillator

Can't get enough 262v.
It utilizes waveshapers to create 9 more harmonics above the fundamental.
Each harmonic can be individually voltage controlled.

I'm using a NonLinearCircuit bindubba1 shift sequencer to control the 262v mixer

The bindubba1 is a 4 stage sequencer with 16 control voltage outputs (CV).
(divided into 2 rows: left & right).
The 4 yellow knobs set the voltage of each stage.
The left row are 'normal' CV operating from 0V to 11.5V
The right row is the inverted version, operating from 0V to -11.5V.

The 8 CV outputs give different patterns.
output # 1 (the top one) will give a pattern of ABCD (or 1234)
output # 2 will give a pattern of BCDA (or 2341)
output # 3 will give a pattern of CDAB (3412)
output # 4 = DACB
output # 5 = DCBA
output # 6 = CBAD
output # 7 = BADC
output # 8 = ADCB

The switches turn off certain outputs for shorter or longer periods.
See Andrew's manual for more info:

The full patching (from start to finish) video is here:

 And an earlier 262v video:

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Non Linear Circuits meets Buchla

Sexy new case ... inspired by  Buchla's 200e.
The synthesizer end cheeks are brushed aluminium (not the standard wood).
Many thanks to Frank (a.k.a. ModularFreak).

The case is housing 3 NLC panels:

The NLC panels are:

Korg Party

I had forgotten how much fun these old Korgs are.

Apologies for the poor audio ... camera mic recording.
Mucking around with two old MS 20s, one MS 50 and a Korg SQ-10.

 And a previous party. More Korg videos coming.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Barbarella - classic Sci Fi & Serge Sci Fi sounds

This poster just arrived in the mail today.
It's a vintage (& original) daybill movie poster from 1968.

The Australian daybill is the Aussie equivalent to the US insert and measures approximately 13" x 30" and was issued with 3 folds.

I've not seen one of these... possibly produced in Australia using a stone lithograph.
Quite a few stain marks from spillage, but otherwise in pretty good condition.

The standard Barbarella movie poster looks like this:

This type of poster is called a US R77. It measures 24 x 47.
It also has triple folds (as they all did back then).

It's condition is better than my Aussie Daybill though I quite like the look on Jane Fonda's face in the 68 Ausie Litho.

Watching movies like this, Dr Who,Star Trek  and Lost in Space were I guess responsible for introducing me to those electronic sounds I love so much today.

Guess I never grew up.

Below is a video taken of my beloved serge making some sci-fi noises.

And I couldn't resist placing this link:
Barbarella vs the "Excessive Machine" making her own brand of noises. :-)