Friday, 27 January 2017

Fairlight CMI IIx - Floppy Disk Controller Card

Some pics of the Floppy Disk controller card.

I'm doing some work on the Fairlight so thought I'l post some pics
of some of the hardware.

This FD controller card is the QFC9

The CMI uses two double sided eight inch disk drives.
Mitsubishi M2896-63 .
Soft sectored, 128/256 bytes per sector.
Data is stored on the magnetic coating of the floppy in concentric rings
On a standard 8 inch floppy there are 77 rings.
Tracks are divided into data blocks called sectors.
The disks look like this:

The drives themselves are controlled by a Western Digital WD 1791 LSI controller located on the QFC9 card.

This switch I understand selects which drive is the primary boot drive which will hold the Operating System disk.


SugarMountain Music Festival 2017

Thanks Melbourne for a very enjoyable festival.
I made a special trip to see Kaitlyn A Smith and Suzanne Ciani (see posts below)
but found so many other great acts.


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Buchla Concert - SugarMountain 2017

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's concert - Melbourne, Australia, 21st Jan 2017
Sat. SugarMountain Music Festival.

 Her main instrument appears to be a modern BEMI Music Easel.

Sorry for the shaky camera. Recorded using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Suzanne Ciani - SugarMountain 2017

Suzanne Ciani's Buchla concert - Melbourne, Australia, 21st Jan 2017
Sat. SugarMountain Music Festival.

A real pleasure  to hear this live.
Some snippets from the concert
Sorry for the shaky camera.

Setting up

Suzanne's 18 panel system seems to be Buchla 200e - mainly
Apart from the Control MARF - multiple function arbitary generator
Maybe a clone ??? possibly a 248r (not sure) or vintage ???
and I think a 291 filter  in row two???

top row:
248 MARF, 227e -system interface - spatial quad sound

middle row:
266e- Source of uncertainity
291 - dual filter ?
281e - quad function manager x 2
292e - quad dynamics manager x 2

Bottom row:
251e  - quad sequencer,
223e - tactile input port for keyboard
261e - Complex waveform generator -
210e - control & signal router
259e - VCO - twisted waveform generator - can set the waveshape
206e - mixer & preset manager

Seems that Suzanne is also using a Moog Animoog (ipad)

 and two Eventide H9 Harmonizer pedals.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Deluge - Parameter Automation

Steps to record automation
1. select the parameter to record. Press the associated button
2. Press record
3. Press play
4. Twiddle the knob you wish to record.
5. Any automation is overwritten if the sequence loops
    while changes are being made.
6. Automation is not connected to the notes entered. So you can change the note sequence
    for example, and the automation will remain.
7. Automation can be applied to a song, a clip, or a pad.
    To automate a PAD hold the pad and twist the parameter knob you wish to record as the steps above.

Deteting Automation

1. Select the parameter to delete by pressing the button.
2. Shift + press the associated knob.
3. You need to do this for each parameter.
4. The display will show 'dELE' to confirm deletion.
5. The deletion can be undone by pressing 'Back'