Saturday, 26 September 2015

Serge - CGS - Buchla - DIY

On this page are my DIY blog entries on all Serge, Cat Girl Synth (CGS) & Buchla related subjects.

* Power Supplies
* Low Pass Gate 292 & NLC version
* Buchla 230 Envelope follower
* NLC meets Buchla (metal case designs).
* 16U Portable Buchla case (DJ roadcase config)
* Timbre (NLC build)
* DIY Euro to Buchla power conversion 
* DIY - NLC Dual Drums Build Notes 

Serge - CGS & Driscoll
* Power Supplies
* TKB - Touch Keyboard Sequencer - build notes
* SYNTHACON VCF - CGS 35 build notes
* CGS 86 - Build notes for the Serge Touch Keyboard
* Utility LFO - CGS 58 - Build notes
* CGS 81 - Voltage Processor build notes
* CGS 22 - Master pulse divider - Build notes
* Serge Resonant EQ/Filter - Euro format (CGS 202)
* Serge Bi-Directional Quad Switch (CGS 88)

* Roland mixer - PSU replacement using Ken Stone/CGS ideas

Vintage / Paperface 
* The Morley Serge - Phaser & Reverb repairs (CGS/Ken Stone)
* The Morley Davidson Serge - Reverb Tank - Girls of Milton (KS)
* David Morley's Serge - The Sherman Chaos Bank (CGS/Ken S)
* Morley Serge - Chaos Bank pics (CGS)
* Morley Serge - Final restoration pics (Thanks to Ken Stone)

* Two panel vintage paperface - Pre restoration pics.

* Warren Burt's Driscoll/Serge synth
* Warren Burt - Serge panel 2/2
* Warren Burt - Serge Negative Slew - repairs
* Warren Burt - WAD and TKB restoration pics (NLC & CGS)
* Warren Burt - Driscoll pics

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The carriageworks gig - Cobramatic & Jondent - Live Recording

Thursday, 10th Sept, 2015.
The Carriageworks, Sydney.

Lots of fun and a awesome venue.
Our instruments consisted or two Buchla 200 roadcases (and a smattering of Eurorack).
The gig lasted for over an hour, but I've picked a small sample of under 7 mins to remember the night.

The visuals were all created using a LZX video Synthesizer


bUCHLA 200 meets LZX

Messing around on the Buchla 200

Some pics of the LZX setup.

Doepfer A-143-9 Quad LFO

......Doepfer A-110 Standard VCO. Syncs nicely with the LZX

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Carriageworks - Opening night - Thursday 10th September

The Carriageworks is the largest and one of the most significant contemporary multi-arts centres of its kind in Australia. So it was a immense honor to play on the opening night. Our team comprises artists from NewSoundWaves... a group of electronic musicians.


Cobramatic & Jondent with our Buchlas

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hyper Wein - NLC - Build notes

These are the build notes for the nonlinearcircuits Hyper Wein eurorack module.

The HW is a hyper chaos module based around the Wein Bridge Oscillator with vactrol control.
The video above is a test of this hyperchaotic circuit in a x-y plotter.

When building this module use 1% tolerance resistors.

"It really justs gets into its groove and bounces around at 1Hz or so, with the vactrol control unsettling it ...sometimes". 
Andrew's build notes are here:

Headers first.
Resistors, diodes next.

The vactrol ... I'm using a Silonex. NSL 32
The dot on the vactrol is the cathode of the LED side. On the PCB, K = cathode.

Next the pots & jacks:

I ended up using a 330ohm resistor for the LED resistor.

A footnote:
The hyper is a sensitive little thing.
Very much depends on components  which need to be very accurate. It has a very narrow range of action.

Initially, all I was getting were sine waves. Andrew suggested I try looking at the 680k and 33k resistors.

These are in series to give 713k, but in fact we really need 710k........705k is too low and you only get sine, same case for 720k.
Unfortunately that 710k also depends on other parts being accurate to their declared value.

Andrew suggest replacing the 33k with 30k, then try 27k.
I removed the 33K resistor put in a 50k trimpot and tried to dial in the action, cos it probably won't be exactly 710k.
Have your panel pots at about 5-6 when doing this.

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Electronic music at the Carriageworks, Sydney

Looking forward to seeing you all this Thursday (10th Sept 2015, 6pm)  in Sydney.
About the Carriageworks (Wiki).

New Sound Waves is a collective of electronic musicians and video artists working primarily with modular
synthesisers. We meet regularly at 107 Projects in Redfern, and our members perform live around
Sydney and beyond.

The artists performing on Thursday night are:

-1 is an electronic musician and producer based in Sydney, as well as the founder of the New Sound Waves
modular synth collective

Benjamin Kinsman 
Ben is an electronic musician, producer and sound designer from Sydney, with a life lived in a sea
of cables.

Patches creates unique experiences in electronic music, interactive media and film, improvising with analog synths and creating experimental performances by manipulating body sounds.

Cobramatic is an electronic musician, producer and video maker based in Sydney. Utilising various traditional, and electronic instruments and devices, he creates, manipulate and mangles audio and video.

f(x) is an electronic musician/artist based in sydney attempting to deliver unique musical expression utilizing a variety of instruments.

Jono is an artist & electronic musician. He began DJ-ing in the electro & deep house genre, but has evolved
by using vintage synthesizers such as the Buchla which encourage abstraction, experimentation & improvisation.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings - Luxor - Egypt

Luxor is on the west bank of the Nile, near the valley of the Kings. The 3rd of Jan is my birthday.
This was a perfect way to begin a perfect day.

Video 1:


Close your eyes if you're afraid of heights.




Video 4

Video 5


Video 6


That's the Nile river.

For more travel postcards click here

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Vactrol Pill - NLC - Build notes

These are my build notes for the nonlinearcircuits Vactrol Pill module (eurorack format).
It's a very easy build  & there are no surface mounted components.

The vactrol can be home made if you like. Just a LED & a light sensitive resistor housed in a light-tight package is all you need. Andrew F has a page on how to make these.

Andrew's build notes are here:

The Pill refers to a PLL or phase-locked loop. This type of circuit consists of a variable frequency oscillator and a phase detector. The signal from the phase detector is used to control the oscillator in a feedback loop
so that the phase of the oscillator is constantly matched to the phase of the incoming signal.
I usually start installation with headers (IC & power), then resistors & caps.

This module uses a 4046 chip.

I'm using a Silonex NSL-32 vactrol. They are cheap as chips. The white dot marks the cathode of the LED part of the vactrol. Andrew has labeled this as "K" on the PCB.

It's now time to install the 3.5mm jacks.

 Screw the panel in then solder the jacks

Don't forget to solder the ground tabs with scrap wire.
After soldering the LED you are done. :-) So easy !!!

If all is working, the LED should light up in sync with a gate signal. The top two inputs (in1 & in2) are for gates & CVs. The 3rd input (pm) is for audio.The audio signal is phase modulated by the PLL

There are 2 outs ... the "pm out" is of course the phase modulated version on the inputted audio.

1. Building a VCO using a 4046.
2. The X-4046 VCO - Thomas Henry
3. Simple CD4046 VCO - electromusic
4. Muffs post
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