Sunday, 24 July 2016

Segue - NLC - VC panner/crossfader

These are my build notes for the Nonlinearcircuits Segue.

Its a very versatile unit. a VC panner, VC cross-fader, VCA and VC attenuator, process CV and audio.
Plus should be a easy build.  Though there are plenty of SMDs, they are all passive.

Andrew describes this as a "kind of hybrid between a Buchla 207 panner and a Korg PS3200 VCA".

There are just two through hole 10R resistors to instal.
Then, caps, trannies, headers.
The trim pots are all 100k.They set the gain for each channel.

I'm using Silonex NSL 32 vactrols. The white dot marks the cathode. (K on the PCB).

NLC words of wisdom: (He'll never be) an old man river.
Mmmmmmmm ????

The reference to "Ol' Man River" isn't the song from the 1927 musical of showboat.
Rather it's refering to TISM ... the Australia band.

 OK, its time for the pots & jacks.

 The LED works.... so does the VC fader. Very cool.

"The LED provides offset to one side of the current mirror so they turn on/off at different voltages." Andrew F advised me to "drill the panel, or just drill/scrape off the soldermask on the back and the LED will make the panel glow".

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

NonLinearCircuits - Dual Drums Build notes.

These are my build notes for the NLC Double drum module.
Andrew did include the Dual Drum in one of his 4U drum panels

I plan to put this in with my Buchla. I don't have a face plate so will make that too.
From Andrew's notes:
"The core design was originally (used) in a Japanese DIY
magazine from the late 70s and was intended as a standalone, self
—contained device to be used with a drum kit. 

The cool thing about this module is that it uses an envelope detector
so most input signals should trigger this.

 firstly the virgin PCB.

I usually solder the SMDs first ... to both sides of the PCB.

The 22n SMD should be a 22k resistor?

BC547 --- NPN transistor - four needed --- the unlabeled trannies on PCB
BC557 --- PNP transistor - just two needed.... marked as pnp on the pcb.
Diodes - I'm using 1N414s

The unmarked caps are for the decoupling caps - using 47nf ceramics.

Time to make the panel. It's something a bit out of the square, ..... a half size Buchla panel.

The rear of the panel.

The 1k LED resistors seen to work fine.

First tests:

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