Tuesday, 19 July 2016

NonLinearCircuits - Dual Drums Build notes.

These are my build notes for the NLC Double drum module.
Andrew did include the Dual Drum in one of his 4U drum panels

I plan to put this in with my Buchla. I don't have a face plate so will make that too.
From Andrew's notes:
"The core design was originally (used) in a Japanese DIY
magazine from the late 70s and was intended as a standalone, self
—contained device to be used with a drum kit. 

The cool thing about this module is that it uses an envelope detector
so most input signals should trigger this.

 firstly the virgin PCB.

I usually solder the SMDs first ... to both sides of the PCB.

The 22n SMD should be a 22k resistor?

BC547 --- NPN transistor - four needed --- the unlabeled trannies on PCB
BC557 --- PNP transistor - just two needed.... marked as pnp on the pcb.
Diodes - I'm using 1N414s

The unmarked caps are for the decoupling caps - using 47nf ceramics.

Time to make the panel. It's something a bit out of the square, ..... a half size Buchla panel.

The rear of the panel.

The 1k LED resistors seen to work fine.

First tests:

Some useful links:
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