Friday, 3 December 2021

Rumble of Ancient Times (SOMA Lab main DEMO)


This looks really fun. Its a standalone 4 voice 8 bit noise synth  .
It's battery powered and can work up to 130 hours on one set of AAA batteries.
Soma abbreviate it to ROAT.

The built-in sequencer can be synced to an external device and also send clock out.
" this synth celebrates and emphasizes what can be achieved with efficiency of code and using chips considered obsolete by industry leaders. We live in an age where text editors can be 1GB or more and simple things like checking email require the latest OS and powerful processing, despite the core tasks being no different than 15 years ago with a fraction of the computational power. (SOMAs website) ."
So true.

Product - NLC build notes

 These are my build notes for "product".
Its a NLC eurorack module. Part wavefolder, part VCA

It's quite a complex wavefolder as it uses a series of non identical
diode based wavefolders.
Because of this, the wavefolding is not uniform and thus not "neat"

datura beer

Datura is a genus of nine species of poisonous, vespertine-flowering plants belonging to the nightshade family Solanaceae. 
 Datura belongs to the classic "witches' weeds," along with deadly nightshade, henbane, and mandrake

TL072 or TL082 3 Soic Tayda: A-1139, one is marked U9 for no reason whatsoever TL074 or TL084 1 Soic Tayda: A-1140 or A-1137 LM13700M

There are lots of diodes.
5V1 zener diodes x 4 
Andrew uses TZMC5V1-GS08

Ive had to order these from mouser, so I won't be able to finish the build till they arrive

Schottky diodes:

Andrew  uses MBR0540 in a sod-123 package. Any with 30V+ and 0.25A+ ratings will do. 
I've ordered this:
On order till mid 2022 .

To be continued..............


Thursday, 2 December 2021

Quad Swarm - clocking from abelton

 The swarm syncs really well with analog clocks.
So its great with a modular synth. This is straight out of the box.

A really easy way to sync with abelton is using the Touchprone MIDI to Clock module
The swarm manual suggests syncing via midi.
I found this not as easy ... press (noise) tab 8 on startup.. mine seems to lock up.
Maybe im not doing it correctly.???
Anyway, this works a treat. 

It's unpowered so great  for a portable rig.

Sunday, 21 November 2021

Choral Generator - part 3 -NLC

This is part 3 of my build of the Choral Generator module from nonlinear circuits..
It's a BBD based triple chorus generator.
It is inspired by the Choral generator in the ARP Omni
 The earlier parts are here:
Experimental raw materials of an experimental nature for art, hobby, industry, science and religion

 Life is one big experiment.
Nothing is guaranteed.

Headers to join the two PCbs

The toggle switches can be ON-ON or ON-OFF-ON. These select positive or negative feedback, or off if using the ON-OFF-ON type. The REGEN pot can simply be set to 0 if you don’t want feedback and have used ON-ON switches.

I'll be using just On-On switches

The  B100k pots - linear

The BBDs... finally arrived and they work
"As is, a signal patched into in 1 will be fed thru all 3 BBDs and arrive at out all, so the 3 BBDs operate in parallel as is done on the ARP Omni. The best effect is to modulate them with a 3 phase signal"

Alternatively, the three circuits can be used individually; patching to the inputs will break the internal routing.

 It's done




elk elektronik - Synth meeting Nov 20, 2021

 Thanks to Ed for hosting the latest Synth meeting last Sat arvo.
These are regular synthesizer & electronic music meetings held in Wollongong, 1.5 hours drive south of Sydney.
It was a blast to see my old friends again, listen to some synth talk, live electronic music and see video synths.

 Thanks to Chris for bringing & performing with his great LZX setup

It's been many months since the last meeting. COVID has caused the shutdown of much of NSW lately.
Our state is now over 90% double vaccinated so hopefully life can get back to normal & this is the beginning of a open & healthy 2022.

Thanks to Andrew for showing us and performing with the Eowave Quadranto Swarm.

Cute puppy ;-)

Thanks to Lachlan from Earthling Designs for the demo of his latest pedal.


I think these meetings are being held every 2 months (the 2nd last sat of  the 2nd month).
So the next meeting will happen I understand on the 22nd Jan 2022.

Check Elk Elektroniks for updates & details:

Address: Shop 3/266-268 Crown St, Wollongong NSW 2500

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Choral generator - NLC - build notes - part 2

 These are a continuation of my build notes for the NLC choral generator.
It's a BBD based on the choral generator of the ARP omni

This is part 2 of the build

Part 1 is here:

I was waiting on the 
These are out of stock at mouser
So ordered on ebay
Finally arrived. Is the chip shortage even effecting these simple opamps?

LM13700 & TL072
BC847 & 857 trannies
signal diodes and rectifiers

More resistors.

note, there are a few resistors marked with an asterix on the pcb.
Replace the three 150k* on the PCB with 82k, this is noted in the BOM.
Replace the three 33k* with 15k

There are a few more resistors marked with an asterix:
18K*, 22k*, 47k*
If the * are not mentioned in the build guide, just ignore them. They are leftovers from the prototype.
 Install caps next.

10k trimpot 3 Tayda: A-586 
100k trimpot 6 Tayda: A-587
Some NLC words of wisdom.
I love these messages from Andrew.
I have no idea as to the source.. shoot me an email if you know.
To be continued.......