Sunday, 18 October 2020

Erica Synths Syntrx and an original Synthi AKS.

 Part One of the shootout between the Erica Synths Syntrx and an original Synthi AKS.

Simple patches are compared highlighting a single Oscillator, FM, RingMod, Filter, Reverb & Noise.

This video simply compares Sound and Timbre, not the functionality, extras or differences in the Matrix implementation. (Part Two will look at a Putney VCS3 and some more complex patches).

Thanks to Allinaire for the use of his new Syntrx.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

EMS Synthi-E - Trapezoidal Envelope Generator

 Playing around with the Synthi-E's envelope shaper.

It's an unusual beast.

We are all used to a 4 stage ADSR style of envelope.
EMS however used the Trapezoidal Envelope.
This also has 4 stages. They are Attack, ON, Decay, Off.
The Synthi AKS uses knobs to adjust the 4 stages, and can be set to
"manual" or "free run" triggering.
The Synthi E is much simplier. 
Attack & decay are set using the rise & fall sliders.
On /off are determined by the gate length.

Connecting a gate to the second black input form the bottom  (bipolar "?") will make it behave as if it were an LFO. 
The envelope starts on both the rise & fall of the gate ... I think this is the equivalent "free run mode".

The gate itself is interesting ... it's a short to ground.
Touching a cable with your bare fingers will produce the required gate.
This is essentially an S-trig. 
Manufacturers like (vintage) Korg & Moog use S-trigs.

About the patch:
I'm using a square wave to trigger the EG.... which is opening /closing the VCA.
The filter is in self oscillation mode.
If you still want to trigger the Synthi' gate with eurorack, you will probably need a V-trig to S-trig converter. I haven't tested this myself. These synthi's are rare and expensive so be careful if you plan to try this.
BTW, I don't recommend plugging anything into your synthi which is not from EMS.

Analogue Systems still produce a Eurorack version of the Trapezoidal Generator.
(Thanks to James from Synthwerks for the info) .
"AS make both it (RS-510e) and the EMS filter module (RS-500e) both 
now with universal mounting hole and power connector for both AS and 
Doepfer systems".
Erica Synths also has a Euro format envelope generator module... It looks like
two EMS Synthi functionality inspired looping envelope generators with simultaneous unipolar (0V - 10V) and bipolar (-5V - +5V), VCA, Noise generator and Sample & Hold.  ...... That's nice :-)

I wonder if it's inspired by the Synthi 100, who's envelope shapers also have dual trapezoidal outputs.
The Synthi 100's envelopes however differ in that they have 5 triggering modes (Signal threshold, Hold, Single Shot, Free run & Gated free run) & the 4 stages are Delay, Attack, On, Decay.

The addition of a second output for each of the synthi 100's trapezoidal generators is pretty neat.
The second output lags behind the first by one quarter of a complete trapezoidal cycle.


Friday, 16 October 2020

Allinaire - Hacking into Max for Live Video Device

Allinaire latest track. He told me the video was produced using a 'hacked' or modified existing Max for live video device (details to follow). Learning by experimenting with existing Max devices is a valid way of learning. Whereas other prefer to start from scratch Allinaire dives right in and stands on the shoulders of experienced programers. He calls it 'Circuit bending existing code'!



Allinaire - youtube channel

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Elk Electronics DIY Workshop - Elmyra Synth

Some pics from yesterdays DIY electronics workshop.
We started with a beginners synth build  : The Elmyra by Neutral Labs.

The workshop was held in Wollongong , NSW, Australia.

Youtube : full kit build


  The Elmyra uses a Teensy microcontroller.

Thanks to everyone who attended.
Such a satisfying day.
We all left with a fully functioning synth that we built ourselves.


The next Electronic Music workshop will be held in November in Wollongong ... 
Sat Nov 21st.
Address: Shop 266 Crown St, Wollongong NSW 2500
It will probably cover modular synthesizers .. focusing on Eurorack

Thanks for organising this workshop Ed.
We all had a great time.

ARP 2500 - 1026 Preset Voltage Module

The 1026 is a rare module. I think only a few were produced and Ive never seen a original
though there are a few reproductions around.
Probably the year of production of the originals was about 1970 ???  

There are 16 preset voltages : 2 rows of control voltages 
each holding 8 individual CV values.
You set their value with the pots.
You trigger the CVs by pushing the associated momentary button
or with a 10V gate. (at lines 1 to 8).
The output voltages appear at lines 9 & 10.
Pretty simple.
The manual suggests using this with the 1027 sequencer or 1050 Mix-sequencer.
There is a socket at the rear of the unit to connect to a 1027 or 1050.
Output voltages: 0 to +10V
Output impedances: 1K ohms
Input impedances : 100 K ohms
Power requirements: +/- 15V @ 20ma , regulated to +/-0.1%


It reminds me very much of the Serge programmer.
I have of course, rotated the pic to illustrate my idea.
I wonder which module came first?

The programmer has evolved into many forms today.
Think Makenoise pressure points & 0-control 
or Synthwerks 4x4

Friday, 9 October 2020

Online 808 . 303 emulation from Roland.

 There is no excuse not to add this to your bookmarks.

 Its from Roland, sounds great & is free.
Roland and Yuri Suzuki have joined forces with the Design Museum to create

A "Guy called Gerald" demos the emulation

Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers - The Design Museum

 If you're in London, don't miss this:


Hope the exhibition comes to Australia one day.