Friday, 22 September 2023

Elk Eletronics meeting tonight

Welcome to Electric City! Special thanks to our new hosts Society City and Barley Grass Bar in Wollongong.
We are excited to bring you an immersive lineup of electronic music and projected artworks exploring the theme of Hadopelagic - Deep Under the Ocean.
We will have an opportunity for a collecting modular jam, so if you have a portable modular synthesizer, please feel free to bring that along to join in the jam at the end of the night.
Entry is Free with food and drinks available from the Barley Grass Bar.

Saturday, 16 September 2023

VC ADSR - NLC build notes - part 2

Some build notes for the Nonlinear circuits VC ADSR.
The attack, decay & release stages are voltage controllable.
(not sustain).

This is part 2 on my build.


I'm up to building a light proof box to house some LDRs and LEDs.
These make a diy vactrol circuit.

This is a super  simple module that uses a 555 timer, op-amps and some diodes to make 
a ADSR envelope generator.

It's based on the classic Jacky/Kirschman 555 ADSR circuit from 1980.
Andrew has replaced the Attack-Decay-Release pots with DIY vactrols.
The 555 controls the sequencing while the diodes switch the currents.

This is the box so far:

the edge connectors

time to solder the LDRs / LEDs

1 x 10K linear pot. (type B)
6 x 100K linear pot

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Friday, 15 September 2023

Infinity worm - pics

 Some pics from The Infinity Worm music festival held in Canberra on the 16th Sept, 2023

Road trip 
Goulburn, NSW


These are pics from the National Film and sound Archive in Canberra.


One of my favourite movies.
I think (like most of the men of my generation), Grace Kelly was my first love.

The ceiling of the NSFA


A perfect day for a music festival.


Ed, of Elk Elektroniks had a stall at the festival




Tilleys Cafe, Canberra 
Great place for breakfast

Monday, 4 September 2023

PiLLs - NLC build notes

 Some build notes for the Nonlinear Circuits Pills module.
It's a 1U eurorack format.

Here are Andrew's notes:

There are 5 inputs & 4 outputs
The inputs: 
CV range 1, CV range 2, FM in, CV1, CV2
Everything affects everything: 
FM IN - feeds both PLL ICs CV Range 1 & 2 - these control the vactrols. 
The control circuits are very simple…..a resistor and a vactrol! 
CV 1 & 2 - these inject a signal into the VCO control input, shove in anything 
from audio to CV rates and see what you get.

The outputs:
VCO 1, VCO2, PM 1, PM2
These are from the PLL VCOs and the phase comparators, all are pulse/square waves 
running from 0-approx 5V.

The build is pretty easy. ICs first.
The IC is a 4046
Make sure the 4046 is rated for at least 15V, some types are 74xxx series and will die in this circuit

Then install passive resistors, caps

The two vactrols are best if DIYed. 
The vactrol circuits are as simple as possible, so it is best to use a
superbright LED and a GL5516  LDR

Here is a bit of info re DIY vactrols:

The anode of the LED side is the long lead

Heat shrink for the vactrols works well. 
Use a few layers to exclude as much light as you can

I'm using a  a 4k7 resistor for the RL. 
I'm using a 10R  for reverse voltage protection

jacks -- top one 1st

The green PCB connects to the panel holding the jacks with 4 groups of headers.

almost there

This is the rear of the panel

The finished module

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