Sunday, 6 September 2015

Electronic music at the Carriageworks, Sydney

Looking forward to seeing you all this Thursday (10th Sept 2015, 6pm)  in Sydney.
About the Carriageworks (Wiki).

New Sound Waves is a collective of electronic musicians and video artists working primarily with modular
synthesisers. We meet regularly at 107 Projects in Redfern, and our members perform live around
Sydney and beyond.

The artists performing on Thursday night are:

-1 is an electronic musician and producer based in Sydney, as well as the founder of the New Sound Waves
modular synth collective

Benjamin Kinsman 
Ben is an electronic musician, producer and sound designer from Sydney, with a life lived in a sea
of cables.

Patches creates unique experiences in electronic music, interactive media and film, improvising with analog synths and creating experimental performances by manipulating body sounds.

Cobramatic is an electronic musician, producer and video maker based in Sydney. Utilising various traditional, and electronic instruments and devices, he creates, manipulate and mangles audio and video.

f(x) is an electronic musician/artist based in sydney attempting to deliver unique musical expression utilizing a variety of instruments.

Jono is an artist & electronic musician. He began DJ-ing in the electro & deep house genre, but has evolved
by using vintage synthesizers such as the Buchla which encourage abstraction, experimentation & improvisation.

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