Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Suzanne Ciani - SugarMountain 2017

Suzanne Ciani's Buchla concert - Melbourne, Australia, 21st Jan 2017
Sat. SugarMountain Music Festival.

A real pleasure  to hear this live.
Some snippets from the concert
Sorry for the shaky camera.

Setting up

Suzanne's 18 panel system seems to be Buchla 200e - mainly
Apart from the Control MARF - multiple function arbitary generator
Maybe a clone ??? possibly a 248r (not sure) or vintage ???
and I think a 291 filter  in row two???

top row:
248 MARF, 227e -system interface - spatial quad sound

middle row:
266e- Source of uncertainity
291 - dual filter ?
281e - quad function manager x 2
292e - quad dynamics manager x 2

Bottom row:
251e  - quad sequencer,
223e - tactile input port for keyboard
261e - Complex waveform generator -
210e - control & signal router
259e - VCO - twisted waveform generator - can set the waveshape
206e - mixer & preset manager

Seems that Suzanne is also using a Moog Animoog (ipad)

 and two Eventide H9 Harmonizer pedals.


  1. Great stuff Jono. You should have told me you were in town! I saw Suzanne at the talk and she also played a similar set. A def highlight of my life. I chatted to her and she took us up on stage to look at her rig.

  2. Hi Ross, Sorry I missed you. Hope you're well my friend. My visit to Melbourne was a bit rushed. But I love your town and will definitely visit again. Best Jono