Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Buchla format 262v - Verbos Harmonic Generator / Oscillator

Can't get enough 262v.
It utilizes waveshapers to create 9 more harmonics above the fundamental.
Each harmonic can be individually voltage controlled.

I'm using a NonLinearCircuit bindubba1 shift sequencer to control the 262v mixer

The bindubba1 is a 4 stage sequencer with 16 control voltage outputs (CV).
(divided into 2 rows: left & right).
The 4 yellow knobs set the voltage of each stage.
The left row are 'normal' CV operating from 0V to 11.5V
The right row is the inverted version, operating from 0V to -11.5V.

The 8 CV outputs give different patterns.
output # 1 (the top one) will give a pattern of ABCD (or 1234)
output # 2 will give a pattern of BCDA (or 2341)
output # 3 will give a pattern of CDAB (3412)
output # 4 = DACB
output # 5 = DCBA
output # 6 = CBAD
output # 7 = BADC
output # 8 = ADCB

The switches turn off certain outputs for shorter or longer periods.
See Andrew's manual for more info:

The full patching (from start to finish) video is here:

 And an earlier 262v video:

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