Friday, 25 April 2014

NonLinearCircuits 8-Bit cipher

The NonLinearCircuits Cipher is a set of clocked shifted registers.
Very much like a ASR (Analog Shift Register).

The first CV out provides pitch CV for the 262v.
CV outs 2,3,4 modulate harmonic scan & tilt

The operation of a cipher usually depends on a piece of auxiliary information, called a key. It's used a lot in encryption. There are 2 data inputs and 4 CV & 8 pulse outputs. The data is encrypted to a new form.

Couldn't resist the opportunity ... here's a pic of an World War II Enigma machine.

This aux info is encoded to produce a new rhythm.

The 8-bit requires a clock and 1-2 Aux signals. This can be anything crossing 1V. I'm using CV from Adam's excellent mini 112 retro touch sequencer.

The unedited video is here:

Below is an earlier video using a Serge Creature & Elektron Analog 4 :

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