Friday, 18 December 2015

Korg Monotron Delay - Build notes for Shock Electronix euro version

These are my build notes for the Shock Electronix Eurorack conversion of the Korg
Monotron Delay.
I remember modifying my monotron back when they were first released. So much fun.

Matt from Rhythm Active has done some great work in producing this kit.
Its very easy to build.
100R x 1
390R x 1
270R x 1
33K x 1


10uF electros

First open up your Monotron Delay.

Lots of surface mounted components. You could hack from this surface to (a future job) but Korg have helpfully placed the patch points on the rear.

I love the people at Korg. They have even made the schematics freely available.
Delay schematics are here.

Back to the build.
Resistors first.

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