Sunday, 26 June 2016

New Sound Waves - Synth Meet - Sunday 26 June

107 Redfern St, Redfern.

Another fun arvo with my friends from New Sound Waves. 1

video 2

Korg 911 Guitar synthesizer

video 3
 These Metro Modular modules look great. They are on my to buy list.
Justin, their designer was at the meeting. Very helpful in explaining them. The filters esp sound great. Based on old Aires schematics, with oodles of modulation points.

 And, like wow... Paul A shows up with not one, but two Plumbutters. OMG.

Built by Ciat- Lonbarde its true what the blurb says ... its a drum & drama machine.

"My face is a psycho-geographical map of the cities of Baltimore and Cleveland.....
You can see my wild spaces are represented by a deer-horn,...

 and my downtown by a factory, and in between, a vast swath of suburban developments. 

It is a gradient of these three areas- urban, suburban, and rural- that informs my electronic synthesis. "

I'll upload videos soon.

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