Thursday, 26 October 2017

MXR Time delay

Picked this up on Ebay.
I am addicted to Reticon bucket brigade chips. So couldn't pass this one up.

Heavy, and built like a tank.
This one dates from around 1981 to 83.
M206/Series 2000
Serial No. 206-001729

The seller described it thus:
"This is a supremely luscious vintage analog delay. Thick, decadent delay repeats you could cut with a butter knife. Forget that Panasonic/Matsushita malarkey: Reticon did it right."  Yes !!!!

Reticon SAD4096 bucket-brigade delay chip with in'n'out running through a NE571 compander. It's socketed as are the op-amps (MCI458p)

....SCL4013BE ... CMOS chip ,,, its a dual D-type flip flop

 Built with love in beautiful Rochester

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