Monday, 30 October 2017

MXR Stereo Chorus - M205

 The MXR dates from around 1983. Its very heavy.

 It's a great sounding pedal

The era of BBD based delays & chorus appears to have just been very short . Between 1976 and 1983 ?
So this comes from the very end. It appears that pedal companies all released digital  based delays in the 1980s killing the demand for the BBDs.

Uses a Reticon SAD4096.... super long delays.
 The SAD4096 is super rare. It's a general purpose 4096 bucket (2048-sample) n-channel BBD. It's useful where a long delay is required. (2ms to 250msec). The delay is controlled by the clock frequency.

The RC4558 is a texas Instruments General purpose dual Op amp.
The MCI458p is also an op amp
The SCL4013 is of course a CMOS logic chip. Dual flop flop.
The CD4013 provides an excellent clock source with their Q and -Q outputs.

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