Friday, 29 January 2016

ARP 2500 - Vintage Brochure

A cool brochure.
I picked this up the other day and thought I'd share.
It's a useful summary covering the main modules.


1004 - VCO modules.
All these ARP oscillators seem to use the same basic circuit and the main difference is the arrangement of inputs & outputs and the type of switching between waveforms.  The 1004-T indicates that a toggle switch is used to switch between inverted and non-inverted waveforms. The 1004-P indicates a pot (just non-inverted waveforms) and the 1004-R a rocker switch.
Each VCO has the following waveforms: Sine, triangle, square, saw, pulse.
The 1023 VCO is not mentioned in this brochure.

1005 - The Modamp Module

1006 - The Filtamp Module

1016 - Dual Noise/Random Voltage

1027 - The Sequencer
The internal clock on this sequencer is similar to the pulse waveform of the 1004 oscillator. It's width can be controlled by the "% pulse width" or by using an external signal for pulse width modulation. The clock out appears to be more a "gate" than "trig". You may need a gate to trigger converter to drive external sequencers.
Something like Ken Stone's CGS24 may work.

1033 - Dual Delayed Exponential Envelope Generator.

In the ARP 2500 universe, there are 3 envelope generator modules: the 1003, 1033, and the 1046 (see below). The 1003 which is not mentioned in this brochure is identical to the 1033 except that it contains no "Gate Delay" (the top two pots). 
The output voltages range between 0 to +10V.

1036 - Sample & Hold/Random Voltage.
Cabinets - The different choices available.

1045 - Voltage Controlled Voice

1046 Quad Envelope Generator

1047 - Multimode Filter/Resonator.

The 1050 Mix Sequencer.

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