Saturday, 23 January 2016

Electric Gardens Music Festival - Sydney 2016

Electric Gardens Music Festival.
Australia Day weekend Sat January 23rd, 2016.
Centennial Park, Sydney
A much smaller line up than your average EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival
though I kinda like this more. - Just 3 stages.
The BIG Festivals I feel are getting too big & possibly out of control.
Smaller festivals and old school clubs are returning electronic music to it's roots.

Pachanga Boys

I really enjoyed this festival and I think that part of the reason was the smaller crowd. There were fewer dickheads who were off their face on drugs and alcohol. Everyone that was there wanted to listen to the music. Don't get me wrong, I still love the big festivals but maybe the spectacle has taken over. Have the fireworks & special effects made the music secondary?

Nic Fanciulli
Nic's Facebook is here.

A great set Nic!

As I left the Electric Gardens, I started chatting with a random reviler who made very much the same comment about the demise of electronic music.
He quoted Fatboy Slim's statement that."EDM will crash & Burn".
I think that what FatBoy is referring to as "EDM" is the current Music Festival System. EDM used to be an underground movement but it is now mainstream and this popularity is corrupting it's soul.

John Digweed

My personal feelings are that electronic music & DJing is all about complicated rhythms, evolving baselines & leads. For me it's exciting to hear new mashups done on the fly. This requires a deep musical knowledge and experience that can't gained just from the studio. You have to play lots and lots of gigs to live audiences. All this requires a deep musical database.

Every performance should be different. Experimentation, improvisation & the odd mistake are all
part of the course. I suspect that many people at these big festivals just want to hear what is on the radio.

Dubfire & John Digweed

I'm hopeful that much of the audience at the BIG festivals will learn that real electronic music is more that just pressing a button and letting the special effects do the work for you.
Maybe they will migrate over to festivals like Electric Gardens where the DJs have to concentrate, count beats, and use primitive devices like records & 808 drum machines.


Erick Morillo

Fatboy Slim's computer asks the question: "Are we having fun yet?"

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat.

Right about Now.

FatBoy Slim pays homage to greats of the past.

Psycho Killer


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