Saturday, 27 August 2016

3TrinsRGB+1c build pics & initial tests

3TrinsRGB+1c is an analog audio/video synthesizer

 This build took about 3- 4 hrs. It's not difficult but it's not for beginners either.
Some closeups from various angles. Hopefully this will help future builders.

The pot in the foreground is the only 20K one . ... has the gold top.

There is a transistor missing in the above pic -- to the left of the 10uf cap.

This is the 2016 version
 Note the two resistors below "VidIn"
 In the pic below, the 10R is missing.
First tests:
The middle white LED didn't work, so had to be replaced... just like in GGs video.
I don't think the LEDs effect the operation of the buttons.

Nice, the video in works perfectly.
The manual is here:

Watch this video at least twice before you build anything.
Essential viewing.

And GGs website is here:
Assembly instructions:

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