Sunday, 15 December 2013

ARP Modular Synthesizer Lab (MSL)

The ARP  Modular Synthesizer Lab was a true modular synth in every sense.
It consisted of small self contained bakelite boxes housing everything from VCOs & filters to multiples & envelope generators. These were all battery powered (9V DC).
Aimed at the school market they were sold with a teacher's manual.

They are regularly described as a "poor man's" ARP 2600/Odyssey because many of these circuits were found in those synths.

These modules are extremely rare today.
My collection includes:
The MSL keyboard
Speaker/Amp (Model 1511)
Multiple Box (Model 1510)
ADSR Envelope Generator (Model 1501)
VCA (module 1509)
VCO (modules 1504) x3
The mixer/atenuator (Module 1508)
Noise(module 1503)
sample-and-hold (module 1507)
Ring Modulator (Module 1505)

I'm missing the filter.:-(

More pics:

The sliders are pretty stiff. Needs cleaning and lubrication as with much of my old ARP gear.

 The Bakelite case:

I'm on the hunt for the MSL teacher's manual and the filter. If you come across either please contact me.


  1. I can Make you a filter to go with the set.

  2. Hello, Thanks for your message.
    I already have found the filter in a second MSL system I have. (It didn't have the bakelite box)
    If you ever do come across a vintage MSL filter please let me know. Kind regards J

  3. Jon, I may have the manual. I would need to send you a photo of what I have to see if it's what you are looking for. K