Monday, 16 December 2013

The David Morley Serge

This Serge is a very early example of a "paperface".
It was probably built by CalArts university students in the 1970s.
 They were most likely supervised by Serge Tcherepnin himself.

(Correction: recent info has come to light that this was built by Peter Davidson in the 1970s)

Ken Stone has more pictures of this synth in his CGS Gallery

In this video David Morley talks about it around 3.50 mins.

I purchased this synthesizer from David Morley in mid 2013 & have placed its' restoration
in the very capable hands of Ken Stone.

The wooden case has 8 compartments.
The top two house the reverb & power supply.
The lower six house the 6  paperface panels:

The top left panel contains the filters, reverb, phasers & a mixer.

The next panel on the left contains a heap of ring modulators, gates, a negative slew, an ASR, and a bi-directional router.

The bottom left panel is the famous Sherman Chaos bank. Ken and I are debating whether to leave the bare metal alone or to add new artwork. 

The top right panel consists of a noise source, a random voltage generator, triple wave shaper, +ve & -ve slews and a envelope generator.

The middle right panel consists of 4 oscillators, comparator, a send/receive & a mixer.

The bottom right last panel contains two programmers & a sequencer.

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