Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Maestrovox Synthesizer

This synth was purchased a few years ago. Discovered in an antique shop in Tasmania, Australia
it was restored in Sydney by Hutchings Keyboards.

I have a love for all things with valves. There is something special about an electric current running through a sealed glass container.

Modern firms such a Metasonix & Trogotronic are leading the revival in vacuum tube technology applied to music, but it's nice to find something made back in the days before transistors & ICs were around.

Maestrovoxes were built in the United Kingdom by Victor Harold Ward in the 1950s.
They were intended to be bolted under a piano.The pianist could play the piano with the left hand,
the maestrovox with the right (and control its volume with his/her knee).

Some very old Maestrovox valves:

And some pics of the old resistors etc post restoration.

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