Thursday, 5 December 2013

The NonLinearCircuits Synth Project

Like the Driscoll Synth, the NLC synthesizer shares the same format as your average Serge panel.
4U (7" high vs 17" wide). The original Serge panels used a grid of holes on 1 inch centers, so Serge "module" width tends to be also a multiple of 1 inch.

The NLCsynth also uses the same banana jacks & has a similar audio & CV structure.
Not all the panels are finished and the final case is still being fabricated.

For more information check out this site: NonLinearCircuits
The NLC synthesizer marries very well with my Serge.

The final synthesizer will consist of 9 panels.

1.SEQUENCER PANEL (Bindubba 3 & 1)

To this setup I plan to add 3 vintage Oakland Serge panels to make up the dozen.

Dec 2011. First tests of the Sequencer & VCO panels with a Eurorack modular.
At this time I hadn't decided upon the final shape or size of the case.
We toyed with lots of designs ..... ???
These pics date from early to mid 2012 & we still hadn't decided upon the final case shape.

The PSU was a simple PowerOne +12,-12,0V affair. It's very heavy and I think now will be housed in an external case.

Today (6th Dec, 2013) the NLC looks like this:


As you can see, my woodworking skills aren't to die for, so these cases will be scrapped in 2014 in favor of a professional case made by my mate Nathan. The Serge Creature will be gone and two 6 panel cases will be used. The pics below are some of the prototype cases we mulled over.
I quite like this design. 5 panels and quite practical. Easy to dismantle & very similar to my current setup.

 Getting more streamlined. I especially like the rear design.

The rear design is very similar to my Buchla 100 cabinet. I will possibly have Nathan build one of these in the future to house some Buchla modules. But the cabinet we finally chose was for the front 6 panel case.
It's quite a simple design. Practical, not fussy and portable. It reminds me of some classic early synth cases such as the "David Morley Serge".

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