Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Barbarella - classic Sci Fi & Serge Sci Fi sounds

This poster just arrived in the mail today.
It's a vintage (& original) daybill movie poster from 1968.

The Australian daybill is the Aussie equivalent to the US insert and measures approximately 13" x 30" and was issued with 3 folds.

I've not seen one of these... possibly produced in Australia using a stone lithograph.
Quite a few stain marks from spillage, but otherwise in pretty good condition.

The standard Barbarella movie poster looks like this:

This type of poster is called a US R77. It measures 24 x 47.
It also has triple folds (as they all did back then).

It's condition is better than my Aussie Daybill though I quite like the look on Jane Fonda's face in the 68 Ausie Litho.

Watching movies like this, Dr Who,Star Trek  and Lost in Space were I guess responsible for introducing me to those electronic sounds I love so much today.

Guess I never grew up.

Below is a video taken of my beloved serge making some sci-fi noises.

And I couldn't resist placing this link:
Barbarella vs the "Excessive Machine" making her own brand of noises. :-)

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