Thursday, 3 July 2014

Vermona DRM - How to install CV triggers

I've owned a Vermona drum for many years. It's a DRM 1 - Mark III.
I love it to bits but purchased it in the days when I was only interested in midi triggering.

Since getting into modulars I started to regret not buying the version with the CV triggers.
I've read that adding the triggers is easy but could never find info on the web relating to this.
Hopefully these pics will help others wanting to do this mod on their own.
Once you see how easy it is you will prob want to get to it right away.
The triggers are placed  into the spot on the left with the 10 caps.

Once you have opened the drum, remove these caps.

These are the trigger modules. You will need two (there are 5 trigger inputs in each).
 The underside of a trigger module.

This is the inside of the DRM.   Beautiful to behold!!

The CV trigger modules have a ribbon cable that simply plugs into the PCB as shown.

That's all that is really needed. No soldering :-)

Many thanks to Matt of "RhythmActive" for supplying the trigger modules.


  1. I'm trying to do the same for my DRM, but I cannot find the trigger modules for sale anywhere. Some people say you have to contact Vermona for the trigger modules, but Vermona never answered my email about that. The Rhythm Active site seems to be offline as well. Do you know where else I can get the modules from? =/

    1. Hello Ghazal, Rhythm Active is the place to get them in Australia. Email Matt.
      His address is :

      Hope this helps. Cheers Jono

    2. Hello Ghazai,

      I facing the same problems ... :( did you finally find a solution ???

      Thanks a lot in advance for your answer.

    3. Hello, you should be able to contact Rhythm Active here:

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  3. Has anyone had a problem with the dam not going into learn mode

  4. hello could you send me some close pictures of the board and the transistor code? i would like to build it for my unit, cause buying the modules is too expensive and i wont find any in italy.

  5. Hello, I'm sorry but I have sold the Drum so can't take any new pics.