Monday, 7 July 2014

Who's the girl (playing that 1960ish Moog Modular)?

Does anyone know who this girl is?

I'd love to know her name? Is she a musician?

I understand that The R.A. Moog modular that she is playing is this one (bar some different modules in the upper right of the top case and the absence of the second keyboard):

The system includes:- three 901 VCOs, 901A VCO driver, four 901B VCOs, 903 White Sound Source, two 904-A LPFs, 904B HPF, 904C filter coupler, three 902 VCAs, three 911 envelopes, 911A dual trigger delay, 907 10-band fixed filter bank with a unique original switching system, and a five-octave keyboard
with portamento.

The basis of the system dates from August 3 1967. I understand that the picture with the girl was taken in the summer of 1969. There is a record of a second service being carried out at R.A. Moog when the extra cabinet & modules were added).

This modular is the 10th proper system sold by Moog since they started keeping records (based on serial numbers) at the beginning of 1967. Professor Emerson Meyers of the Catholic University electronic music studio used it  to create the late 60s LP "Provocative Electronics".


  1. It might possibly be Delia Derbyshire from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

  2. This is not Delia. albeit in the same era. This is only noted as: “Meyers File.” CUA female student with Emerson Meyers’s electronic music studio.

  3. Hello, Yes it's definitely not Delia. I've asked quite a few notable people and most think she is not a musician .... rather a model chosen to pose with the modular.
    Still, I'd love to know her name.

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