Saturday, 17 October 2015

Mutable Instruments Grids - hack - adding clock & Random gate

It's Sat afternoon and we are feeling pretty good ...having each just consumed half a Kangaroo and two bottles of red wine.
The wine on the right is a 1990 vintage port from Steins in Mudgee NSW. If I remember correctly, they have a fabulous motorcycle museum there.

And on the left is a Tollana Cabernet Sav from 1995. (Eden Valley, South Australia). Both excellent wines !!!

In such a frame of mind there seems nothing better to do than hack a perfectly good Mutable Instruments

Paul (Cobramatic) tells me it's a easy one and he won't even hold me responsible if I mess it up :-)

He must have really liked the wine I served.

Anyway, it turned out to be dead simple and I highly recommend this if you own a MI Grids.

There are 3 points on the back of the module: Random Gate, Clock & Ground.
Solder  a wire to each and the other ends to two jacks.
The ground of course is shared by both jacks.

Deciding where to mount the jacks is a bit tricky ... Lots of SMD components .... decided to place them
between the bottom two jacks on the left.

There you go!

We now have two new outputs ... for clock and random gate. Very useful.

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