Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Delay No More - NonLinearCircuits build notes.

The saying "Delay No More" is a great ideal to live by.
And for those of you who have spent any time in Hong Kong, you might also recognize it by its local slang meaning.. "Delay no more" sounds similar to the Cantonese foul words (Diu lay lo mo) which translate as "fuck your mother".
Seldom used seriously "Delay no more" appears in writing as a joke among Hong Kong people. There is even a fashion brand in Hong Kong producing T-shirts with "DelayNoMore" on it.

I'm sure Andrew knew none of this when he picked a name for his new delay module. :-)

Here are the build notes:

All the SMDs are passive ... just caps & resistors. So building this puppy should be pretty easy.
(Be careful not to heat the caps too much).

The DNM uses the PT2399 which is a great chip for DIY. It's almost a whole guitar pedal by itself.
According to Princeton (the manufacturer) it is a echo audio processor IC utilizing CMOS Technology which is equipped with ADC and DAC, high sampling frequency and an internal memory of 44K.

It also features an internal VCO circuit in the system clock, thereby, making the frequency easily adjustable.
Cool Man !

First some virgin pics of the PCB.

Both sides require SMD components. Solder these on first.

Headers, resistors, caps next.
Next the BC 547 trannie, the 78L05 (+5v voltage regulator) and the vactrol.
I'm using a Silonex NS 32

K = Cathode.

Now the pots & jacks. There are six linear 100k pots , one 1M linear  and a single 50k linear.

Don't forget to solder the ground tabs with scrap wire.
Lastly do the LED.
Beautiful !!! Time to stand back and admire.
And she sounds very distinctive. esp for such a small module. Another sound effect in your arsenal.

I'm thinking of putting this into one of my Buchla cases. As the CV input is isolated by a vactrol, plugging in 10v - 15v Buchla voltage levels should be fine. This module is not just for Eurorack.
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  1. Building mine this weekend, appreciate the build notes, I'm sure will come in handy. :)

    1. Glad to know these are getting used. Enjoy the module

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  3. v important, the silkscreen for the pots is not on the side they are soldered! I soldered all the electrolytics and power connector on the other side thinking they wouldnt fit between the pots before realising the pots would be reversed that way godammit. it was a pain, but glad i realised before soldering the pots cos that woulda been a nightmare lol