Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Zlob Dual VCA

As the old saying goes..
You can never have enough VCAs
Esp when they are only 2HP wide !!!!

These are some pics of my building of the Zlob Dual VCA
 These are not build notes. Just pics to help me remember should i want to build another one.
The official build notes are here:

There are no hard to find parts.
 The important thing to remember is to keep the height of all components as low as possible.
They need to fit behind a 2HP panel.
 So i bent these trimpots back.
The ICs need to be soldered directly to the PCB to keep their height down.
i ALSO bent the caps down and isolated them with shrink wrap

 Everything fits... beautiful.!!!

These trimpots need to be calibrated to close the VCAs... to prevent audio bleed. I did this by ear.
Works great.
I'll probably build some more.
For more Euro DIY builds click here:

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