Monday, 30 April 2018

Buffered multiples - BMC Eurobuffer

Just built a Barton Musical Circuits Eurobuffer. BMC037. It's a buffered multiple.
Very easy build. Uses a TL047
Build notes and schematics are here:

Got me thinking about how they work just in case I wanted to go totally DIY.
MFOS - Music from Outerspace use TL084s instead of TL074s

They call their multiple a "Control Voltage Distributor".
The pinout for the TL084 & TL072 are identical

Probably any low offset, high speed opamp will work ....
such as the TL062, TL064, TL072, TL074, TL082, TL084 series

+ BMC website (lots of great stuff here)
+ Muffs

For more Euro DIY builds click here:

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