Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Triple Sloth - NLC Build notes

These are my revised build notes for the Nonlinear circuits triple sloth.

It's a module in Eurorack format that contains 3 chaos circuits.
This most recent variation of the sloth is a evolution of the original 4HP sloth module I built in 2015.
It was called the super sloth back then. You could build 3 different versions of the module basically by changing the capacitors.

Andrew later came up with a 12HP version This had 3 types of sloth chaos.
It was actually 3 of the supersloths mounted behind one 12HP panel.
Notice the differing sizes of Electro caps.

The new 2017 sloth uses just 2 PCBs.

nlc Words of wisdom.

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 Totally agree. Give me Gluten !!!
Live fast, Die GG ????
 Back to the build.
 ICs first
DONT do this:
Wrong side !!!!.... the board was accidently reversed

Below is the correct way:
.....the side the jacks & pots are placed on IS the side with no printing on it.

The Diodes d1 & D2 need to be reversed.

Change R7  to 330K

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